Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Start of My Empty Nesting!

According to Psychology Today’s diagnosis dictionary, Empty Nest Syndrome “refers to the feelings of depression, sadness and/or grief experienced by parents and caregivers after children come of age and leave their childhood homes.”

I will never forget the day my 19 year old daughter Bri told me she wanted to move into her own place. I felt like someone had taken a DULL knife and thrust it into my heart (a little over dramatic I know). You see - for the two weeks prior to this announcement we had both been packing in preparation for our move into a new place. Bri had brought up the subject of moving into her own place to me many times before this, but you see, I always had the ace in my back pocket... or so I thought... that was knowing that there was no way in hell she could afford her own place. So I would be able to keep my baby girl around for awhile longer.

Moving day.... it was so surreal waking up and knowing it was the last day that my daughter and I would be living under the same roof. I had been crying at the drop of a hat for days, actually weeks. The girls at work were getting a little worried about my state-of-mind. Can't lie, so was I. How did this happen? I prayed for the day when my kids would spread their wings and move on with their lives.... Now the day has come and I want to take it back. I DON'T WANT THE LAST OF MY KIDS TO LEAVE ME....
I apologize... I got off on the "poor mom" soap box. Anyway, I am now moved into my place and Bri has taken her "stuff" to her dad's. We have decided to meet back at the old apartment to do the dreaded cleaning. As we are sitting Indian Style in the middle of the empty living room eating Wendy's (with CiCi begging for crumbs) Bri breaks down in tears. I'm so touched - this is the first time Bri has cried during this whole process.... but wait she is not crying because she is leaving her mother,, she is crying because she is leaving CiCi. I think her exact words were "Mom, I think I'm going to miss CiCi more than you". OUCH! Not much dinner was eating (we both had no appetite), the old apartment has been cleaned, the last of the trash has been put at the curb... it's time for kisses, hugs and good bye's. CiCi and I take off for our new apartment and wave good bye to Bri as she takes off for her new ADVENTURE.  TIME TO FLY BRI.... I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY!!

                            Bri and CiCi

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