Friday, July 2, 2010


Disclaimer.... I love my kids and I'm truly blessed to be their mother. Now, let the games begin....

"Mom, I have no clean clothes" ( I just did 3 loads of laundry), "Mom, I'm hungry... why don't we have any food in the house?" ( I just dropped $150 at the grocery store), "Mom, I have a science project due at school tomorrow." (It's midnight the night before), "Mom, can I get a ride to Jess's?" (Really? This is the third time today), "Mom, I forgot to clean the kitchen." (Even though I left you a note, sent you a text, and called to remind you before I left the office!!), "Mom, I'm going to a party tonight but there wont be any alcohol." (Don't they know you can't bullshit a bullshitter?). I could go on-and-on. During these wonderful moments I always had the tiny voice in the back of my head asking the all important question - WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END? I longed for the day when I was going to be able to put myself first. Finally remove myself from the back burner after being  a mother for 26 years. When the craziness that I mentioned above would be a fuzzy memory. And then the day came!

I wanted to share these two pictures of my kids when they were babies....

Left: Cathy and the boys (Joe is on the left) / Right: Cathy and Bri

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  1. Always the stylish your pictures!